Welcome Friends!

 My name is Jacquelyn Allen and I'm the creator, owner, and manager of Herb + Ether.

I'm an Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Educator, and Mama to three young and adventurous humans.

While I have spent my lifetime exploring and studying plants, rocks, weather, and traditional healthcare through story and folklore, my journey into formal herbalism didn’t start until my first pregnancy.

In 2010 I had a mid-term pregnancy loss at 21 weeks gestation. I was devastated. Through the haze of depression and tumultuous body re-regulation I remembered an article I had read years earlier about how high PCB (PolyChlorinated Biphenyls) levels in female whales, dolphins and porpoises are passed onto their first-born calves often proving to be fatal to the calf. While I have no proof that pollution within my body from years of breathing in dirty air and ingesting processed foods had any impact on my pregnancy, I can’t prove that it didn’t. So, when I became pregnant again 6 months later, as well as losing our health insurance in the same month, I dove headfirst into natural healthcare, herbalism, and healthier/holistic living. I learned as much as I could as fast as I could. My reasoning being that humans had existed for thousands of years without a health insurance program. If my ancestors could care for their family’s health with their limited resources, then surely, I could care for my family with the vast amounts of resources available today.

I started collecting herbal resource books and read dozens of scientific studies about herbs. I found Learningherbs.com and took several of their minicourses. This eventually led me to The Herbal Academy where I enrolled and continue taking classes from them. I have completed several of their full-length courses including their intermediate course, herbal materia medica course, the entrepreneur course, and the stress management course.

Essential Oils very quickly appeared on my radar and I felt the call to study aromatic medicine. Through cursory study of essential oils, I quickly found that a lot of information and practices circulating on the internet and throughout my community was incorrect, unsafe, and generally flippant. I realized that I needed to add a solid knowledge of essential oils to my repertoire and resume. After researching several online schools, I found the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies. I completed their level one certification course and am now a certified aromatherapist and member of the national association of holistic aromatherapists (NAHA). I will be enrolling in their clinical aromatherapy course in the near future.

Throughout all my studies I have put my knowledge to practice on myself, my husband, and my three children (as well as numerous friends and family members). I have made and sold some herbal products but have found that I enjoy teaching far more than production, marketing, and sale of products. This all has brought me to the development of this website. This website is the culmination of the things I have learned and a platform from which I plan to start teaching others.

Herbalism is primarily the medicine of the people and for the people. It is my goal to bring this tradition back to everyone’s home. Let’s all take charge of our own “health care” so we don’t have to rely on “sick care.”

Blessings on your journey towards health and happiness!