Welcome to sphere! My name is Jacquelyn Allen, I'm an Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Wellness Advocate, and Mama to three young, yet adventurous humans.

I’ve spent a lot of my life exploring, investigating, researching, experimenting, and enjoying the outdoors. I’ve lived in and explored everything from the arid Southwest, to the temperate forests and fields of the upper Midwest to the evergreen rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. I love to garden, hike, forage, and photograph nature in all its quirky glory.

As a child I was fully immersed in the magic of nature and fairy tales. I fully believed that every tree was really a dryad and could understand me when I spoke to them. The morning glories were the homes of tiny fairies that would emerge at dawn to feed on dew in the misty morning light. I learned to step lightly and quietly so as not to disturb the plants or notify the fairies of my presence. I loved to study my beloved plant friends and read about their natures in field guides and books on botany. The plants were my friends and confidants.

As a young adult, I discovered my love of medicine and learned how to read and understand clinical studies. I learned about different demographics and the deficiencies and needs for each. I found commonalities that is the human condition. But I never forgot my fascination with holistic lifestyles, remedies, and traditional knowledge.

As an adult and parent, I have continued my love and friendship with plants and I continue to search out information regarding their nature and purpose every chance I get. I am currently working toward (and getting close to) becoming a clinical herbalist as well as becoming licensed as a clinical aromatherapist. I love making medicine with my plant allies for friends and family as well as sharing my knowledge and passion for healthy living in harmony with the earth and in conjunction with scientific research. I love passing on my love and passion of nature and plant magic to my children. And, I love sharing my knowledge and practice of plant medicine with my friends and family (and anyone else who will listen!). Science can only prove what Nature already knows.

What I’ve found fascinating most of all is the universal cycle of work and rest. Western culture has become obsessed with the grind, the hustle, the 40+ hour work week, the abhorrence of rest. Everywhere I look I see the symptoms of exhaustion. Everyone I ask how they are doing, I’m answered with shrugged off mutters of unconvincing mediocrity or unending fatigue. This needs to change. Life isn’t simply about our vitals. Life is about living. And living requires rest. And rest can only come when we lift each other up as friends and family, make up for deficiencies, and become a balanced community and people.  I believe plant and nature can help with that. And I am making it my life mission to help achieve that.