A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

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It’s the end of 2017 and I really thought that we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But, we are so I guess we all will have to deal with it. What conversation, you ask? It’s about Healthcare. It’s about how I have learned how to take charge of my healthcare and rely significantly less on the established US healthcare quagmire.

I really feel like the last 7 years of my life has been preparing me for this scenario.

Seven years ago, after finding out I was pregnant, I decided it was past time that I made a few changes in my life. So, I left my desk job, enrolled in Massage Therapy school, and entered the realm of alternative healthcare.

It was the best decision I have ever made in regards to my health, and the health of my family.

My education at the Ogden Institute of Massage Therapy was enlightening, enjoyable, and exactly what I was seeking. In addition to basic and specific massage techniques and positionings, I was also being exposed to new ideas and modalities like Aromatherapy, Foot Zoning, and Acupressure. My eyes were being opened and a whole new world of possibilities came flooding into my consciousness. I wished I could drink all this new information in, absorb it, and immediately apply it to my life and those around me whom I cared about.

Shortly after being hired on at a local chiropractor’s office, I began to get questions from clients about how they could fix their various problems naturally, without medications, and without surgery. Some questions, I was able to easily answer. Others, took some research. It was this research that awoke my intense interest in herbalism and aromatherapy. I had no idea the depth of the rabbit hole I had dived into, but I have loved every inch of the journey!

After exhausting almost every blog, webinar, and free website I could find, I finally decided to invest in some formal herbal training. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure where to begin at first. I thought that I would have to travel and attend an herbal school in person. There aren’t any here in Utah, or anywhere close to where live. I decided to look online. I found a two schools right off that offered online classes.

A Fairy's HarvestThe first online school I found was The Herbal Academy of New England (now just The Herbal Academy). When I found it in 2015, it was still pretty new. It had a Introductory Course and an Intermediate Course. Since I began my studies officially with The Herbal Academy, the have since added The Advanced Course and The Entrepreneur Course as keystone herbal courses as well as several “mini” courses.

The second I found was The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. It has several programs as well including The Herbal Immersion Program, The Herbal Medicine Making Course, and a foraging class: Edible and Medicinal Wild Herbs. These classes look beautiful, in depth, and incredibly comprehensive. They are a bit on the pricey side and I just couldn’t afford them at the time.

In the end, I decided on The Herbal Academy and I have loved it ever since. The knowledge I have gained while studying with this school has been immensely invaluable. I have learned how to make medicine for my family, appreciate the energy of the earth, and collaborate with colleagues across the globe on all things herbal. As I was completing the Intermediate Course, I realized that I still had a large gap in my knowledge when it came to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

I decided to take a break from Herbal Studies and round out my knowledge by taking a certification course in Aromatherapy. In the last several years, I have gleaned some aromatic knowledge by watching YouTube videos, particularly by Jade Schutes. She, and her story, have particularly impressed me so I enrolled in The School For Aromatic Studies. They offer a free Introductory Course that is incredibly informative and then offer a coupon for their other classes once you’ve completed all the modules. I loved the format that they take with their certification. I was able to take a basic certification (Foundations of Aromatherapy)  to become a certified aromatherapist (recognized by NAHA – National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy), and then if I wish to continue, I can then take their advanced course (the Aromatic Scholars Program)  to gain a Clinical Certification in Aromatherapy.

In all this time, I have felt the need to record my ruminations, and share my studies. I started a couple of blogs, but left them so narrow and focused that I quickly ran out of relevant topics to write about. They also failed to encompass everything that I represent. They simply represented a mere portion of the pie that is the whole of me and what I care about. So I have given my life, my life’s purpose(s), my interests, and my passions a lot of thought, and what I came up with was the basis for this site.

With all the commotion in congress and the illiterate legislation being being proposed and passed, it is hard to say if the middle and lower classes will have any legitimate and affordable healthcare options available to them in conventional Western medicine. It is with this in mind that I hope to be able to empower those I come in contact with to realize the bounteous blessings of natural health that the Earth has bestowed upon us if we only stop to notice and smell the flowers.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  – Lao Tzu

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