For millenia, people cared for themselves and their families without access to fancy pharmaceuticals, crowded doctor’s offices, or frustrating insurance companies. They fed themselves with what the land could provide and they used those same elements to bring health to their bodies, minds, and souls.

We are indeed Blessed to live in a time when we have access to all the best herbs and practices from all around the globe to aid us in our journey to health. We are blessed to have access to scientific studies of many of these herbs and practices so we can know them and use them safely and efficiently. We are also blessed that we live in a time of advanced medical care for the acute and emergent healthcare needs we might find ourselves facing.

For these things we are most grateful.

Not all situations necessarily call for emergent care when we have the knowledge and tools to take care of ourselves.

This is the place where we discuss herbs, oils, rest, and our innate connection to nature. Feel free to explore this site by clicking on the menu above. Our goal is to assist you on your journey to self-sufficient holistic living and health by providing safe, accurate, and user-friendly information.

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Many blessings to you as you begin to take back your healthcare.